The Cathedral of Serra

The Gentle Hearth of Serra

Location: Dragonfyre Dyre
Stronghold Type: Temple
Stronghold Level: 1
Building Type: Abbey
Rooms: Gardens, Herbalist, Hospital, Chapel, Archives, Clock Tower
Building Cost: 92,000 gp
Stronghold Investment: 0 gp
Unskilled Hirelings 35 / 35
Skilled Hirelings 8 / 8
Upkeep Cost 23 gp per month (gross, not modified)
Revenue 0 gp per month (gross, not modified)


The Cathedral of Serra, known locally as the Gentle Hearth, houses mendicants and aspirants dedicating to tending the health, happiness, and creativity of the settlement of Dragonfyre Dyre. The architecture of the building features round turreted roofs and elegant high arches, the brilliant colors of the window glass glowing in the sunlight. In the center of the building, a garden blooms vibrantly with a slim belltower looming over even the tallest tree – from the sky, it becomes obvious that the tower has been fashioned to affect a sundial as its shadow is cast across the surrounding turrets of the temple proper.

The four virtues of the Church of Serra were codified: art, discourse, freedom, and peace. This is also represented in the quartered circle, one of the symbols of the Serran faith. Another one is the pentagon, representing the five points of balance: law, duty, reason, grace, and truth. Both are featured in the architecture.

Stronghold Benefits

A value that waxes and wanes when Shael acts in favor of Serra or requires assistance for her (or acts against her) respectively.

Active Spells
Each room is enhanced with Magic Circle warding against fiends and undead & a Circle of Power and enchanted with Hallow, Guards and Wards & Forbidance against fiends and undead, and the garden is protected by the Druid’s Grove granting the following effects:

-Effects that restore hit points (cure spells, expended Hit Dice, potions, etc) use the next highest die when determining the amount of healing in the temple.
-The temple provides all creatures friendly towards Serra with advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects. When affected creatures succeed against a saving throw that allows half damage on success, they instead take no damage.
-Creatures cannot teleport into the Temple or use portals, such as those created by the gate spell, to enter. Nor may the temple be entered via planar travel, including by means of the Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, Feywild, Shadowfell, or the plane shift spell.
-Fiends and undead cannot willingly enter the temple by nonmagical means; any attempt to magically breach the temple must first succeed against a DC 18 CHA save.
-Fiends and undead who manage to breach the temple suffer 5d10 radiant damage / turn and suffer disadvantage on attack rolls.
-Targets within the temple cannot be charmed, frightened, or possessed by fiends and undead; if they are already affected by one of these conditions when entering the temple, that condition ends.

When the settlement of Dragonfyre Dyre is attacked, a specific set of bells is sounded from the bell tower which triggers the following additional defenses within the church:
-All doors within the temple are magically locked and those leading to the archives, hospital, and chapel are obscured to appear as normal walls.
-All corridors are filled with fog, heavily obscured, and at any intersection there is a 50% chance that anyone who is not an ally of Serra turning towards the archives, hospital, or chapel will instead turn towards the gardens instead.
-Anyone not a friend of Serra who enters the hospital is targeted by a suggestion (Wis DC 18) that they leave the room immedietely.
-4 Grove Guardians animate and rove the gardens which surround the temple.
-The gardens are filled with a thick fog that heavilly obscures the area and making each 1 foot of movement cost 2 feet; except to friends of Serra who see a gentle mist with white and blue lights twinkling.
-The gardens themselves arm to protect the temple, grasping at intruders as per entangle (DC 18 STR), friends of Serra are unhampered by this effect.
-The ground of the garden is covered with spike growth, friends of Serra are unhampered by this effect.

Special Rooms

The smell of green, growing life fills the air here. Lush vines laden with savory tomatoes grow alongside mandrake root, ephedra, and even more esoteric herbs. Every 30 days, the garden provides enough ingredients to make either 10 potions of common quality, 4 potions of uncommon quality, or one potion of rare quality. The potions must be brewed as a batch with the alchemist’s tool proficiency (Common DC 10, Uncommon DC 15, Rare DC 20).

Pharmacist (Mill)
The pungent smell of drying herbs punctuates their grinding, distilling, and manufacture into panacea in this tidy room. The expert pharmacists work diligently to produce medicines for Serra’s supplicants. Requires raw resources (Herbs) within 7 days travel of the structure as well as 10 unskilled laborers and 3 skilled laborers proficient in the relevant tools (herbalist kit, alchemist’s supplies, and poisoner’s kit). They consume raw resources to produce 1d10 x100 gp worth of potions every 30 days from the following table:
Name Rarity Cost
Antitoxin Common
Potion of Comprehension Common
Potion of Watchful Rest Common
Potion of Healing Common
Potion of Healing, Greater Uncommon
Elixir of Health Rare
Potion of Vitality Very Rare
Hospital (Baths)
Clean, crisp linens cover the many beds, each separated with curtains embroidered with angels and cantos from the Song of All. Some are occupied and the mendicants move among them to minister healing, tend wounds, and cure illness. While taking a short rest in this room, supplicants double the number of hit points they regain from using hit dice (including those granted by constitution modifiers). Additionally, taking a short rest in this room grants 6 temporary hp which last until expended or the next long rest.

Chapel (Theatre)
Dominating this gathering space for the faithful to receive the messages of Serra and sing the Song of All is a fresco depicting Saint Forgrim, the Angel Iona, and other heroes of the faith prepared for battle against the forces of Evil. Those offering the sermon gain advantage on all charisma checks. In addition, if the persuasion or performance check exceeds DC 15 any allies of the faith gain an inspiration point (1/week).

Lecturns and tables sprawl amidst the stacks of shelves holding scrolls, books, and tablets of accumulated knowledge. A record-keeper tracks the happenings of each day, from local minutia to planar significance, to add to the archives. When taking at least an hour to perform an intelligence or wisdom check to find specific knowledge in this room, you gain advantage on the roll. Even if you do not (or cannot) succeed on this roll, you can typically discover a hint on where else in this world the information may be found.

Bell Tower
Rising above the central spire and visible to all, the intricate claxon of bells marks the inevitable march of time. Reduce the total amount the structures hirelings must be paid by 10g/day.

The Cathedral of Serra

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