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Riddles and Rumors:

“Halcyon is the capital of the Thran Kingdom, of the Azlantic Empire…” where they speak of strange oil-blooded creatures (Gixian/Phirexian). “As of late, there has been much talk that a serpent has entered their council and turned it against its own people…imps such as this one have been sighted skittering back and forth.”

Faulkin of Drylake would like to hear about the Gulthias Tree; as would Three Acorn’s “Limb”.

Sengir isn’t a vampire, it’s a family of vampires. The Red King, Gulthias Sengir, was slain – but there are sons, daughters, cousins, etc. that still roam the land.

Almaaz expelled a mage from their borders a few weeks ago. Given the typical fate of most known mages, this is slightly unusual.

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