The Fallen were mages, who were turned into almost brainless monsters by their use of arcane magic. Fallen were especially common in Terisiare during the time of the Dark. During that time, magic started to spread over the continent, but its wielders were persecuted by the Church of Tal. Because of this, mages could not easily exchange information, and many of them fell victim to mana burn while experimenting.

The fallen are evil undead who possess the memories and drives of their formerly living selves. They will heed the call of whatever dark entity transformed them into undead, swearing oaths to appease their new lord while retaining their autonomy. Never tiring, the fallen can pursue goals relentlessly and without distraction.

Neither dead nor alive, the fallen exist in a transitional state between one world and the next. The bright spark it possessed in life is gone, and in its place is a yearning to consume that spark in all living things. When a fallen attacks, this life essence glows like whitehot embers to its dark eyes, and the fallen’s cold touch can drain the spark through flesh, clothing, and armor.

The fallen flee from the world by day, away from the light of the sun, which they hate. They retreat to barrow mounds, crypts, and tombs where they dwell. Their lairs are silent, desolate places, surrounded by dead plants, noticeably blackened, and avoided by bird and beast. Humanoids slain by the fallen can rise as zombies under its control. Those who abused magic themselves may find themselves rising as fallen.


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