Age of Darkness

The Age of Darkness lasted 10,000 years after Earthfall. The cloud of debris hung over the Golarion region, blocking out all light. Mankind hid in caves, found dark gods and barely managed to raise themselves up above the beasts. Thus they remained until the Age of Anguish, when they began a desperate struggle for survival and domination in a world left shattered.

Above Oerik, the effect was less pronounced, allowing life to carry on. Like a prophet’s delayed pronouncement of doom, however, mankind did not utilize their stay of execution wisely.

The End of Legends (19400-14600 BCY)

What remained of the kingdoms of Azalant descended into wars and in-fighting. Within several centuries, the mighty civilizations were mere myths, and mankind lived with only the remnant of civilization.

A fifty year long war between two artificer lords brought about the close of this period. An ancient artifact’s power was unleashed to end the war, but instead it disrupted the tenuous balance that remained to the world’s ecosystem. Phyrexia was thought to be involved with this destruction.

The Dark (BCY 14600-14200)

This short period of four centuries marked the ever encroaching Ice Age. The devastation wrought before led to the fall of many civilizations. The survivors in the north were bitterly opposed to magic. Tiny, insular villages dotted a wasted, goblin-infested landscape. Fanatical priests controlled a few powerful city-states. Preachers and witch-hunters hunted the countryside for the few remaining wizards. Those who did practice magic utilized dangerous and innovative techniques.

In the south, the harsh climatic changes caused the survivors to struggle. The fae and humans began breeding primitive but adaptable subspecies, which eventually turned on their creators and terrorized the people. The merfolk suffered an invasion of crustacean-like homarids, which benefited from the cooling oceans. Barraged by invaders, the civilizations of the south were destroyed, and the continent fell into darkness.

The Ice Age (14200-11700)

The extreme cold finally gripped the land entirely, and lasted for twenty five hundred years. Kingdoms of ice and snow arose, and entire generations were born that never knew what summer was. Necromancer lords raised armies from the frozen dead and assaulted mankind’s last bastions of power.

Petty godlings kept the weather from reverting, even after the long term effects of the ancient war had passed. Eventually, they were stopped and the ice was melted.

The Floods (11700-11600)

For a hundred years, rising sea levels claims ancient places of power. New nations flourished, and it looked as though mankind might make a resurgence. However, many repositories of knowledge and history were lost throughout this period, to violence and nature. Tales of Phyrexia reemerge during this time period.

The Hyborean Age (11600-8400 BCY)

This was an age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars. However, its glory came to a violent and bloody end.

-The armies of Keld and Witch King Krieg fall to Croag of Phyrexia (BCY 10700)
-The Great Barbarian King unites several countries into a massive alliance. (BCY 10450)
-Fire and slaughter bring about the end of humanity in the Flanaess (BCY 9950-8400)

Age of Darkness

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