Rituals of the Seasons


Jet Mox

His Rippling Majesty, Ulorian the River King, also bears the titles Defender of the Pearl Tower and Master of the Flowing Paths. A lean sidhe noble with whipcord muscles and flowing grace, the River King rules over the Rippling Court and ultimately all the river elves of the land. His court resides just beyond the river’s reflection, in a realm of fey glamour and silty water.

A Fickle Friend.
The River King is a stern ruler with a great love for his people and a quick temper for those who threaten his domain. As much a force of nature as he is a monarch, the River King is known to sometimes forget promises that were made in sincerity, so dealing with him can be perilous at the best of times. “The river may change its course when it wills” is the usual expression among his court when His Rippling Majesty has had a sudden change of heart.

Berchta, the Lady of the Lake

Cernunnos, Lord of the Hunt


Ruby Mox


Queen of Witches, Nicnevin the Moon Weaver
Berchta, Lady of Fate


Sapphire Mox

The Winter Court

Queen Mab –
Prince of Frost – Soften his Lost Heart
Princess of Snow – Recognize her Beauty
North Wind – Flowers on the Hearth to welcome him as a guest

Rituals of the Seasons

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