N Small Town
Corruption +0; Crime -1; Economy +0; Law -1; Lore +1; Society +5
Qualities Broad Minded, Insular
Danger +0

Government Council
Population: 316
Notable NPCs
Leah – Nominal political leader of the community
Treesinger – Druidic religious leader of the community.
Griswold – smith [deceased]
Gaurakzun – flab giant smith apprentice [deceased, left]

Travel Times
Almaaz – 5 days
Alsoor – 4.5 days
Brindinford – 4 days
Dragonfire Dyrr – 1.5 days

A small village located deep in the forest in the vicinity of a number of ancient megalithic structures, most notably the double ring of standing stones that surrounds the village itself.

Ossington was a village in which, prior to and during the events of The Standing Stone, a cabal of demon-worshiping villagers progressively murdered everyone who did not share their evil ways. The Party defeated the cultists and their leaders and later executed all of the cultists who were not killed in battle.

Subsequently, the faerie lord King Rugad granted Ossington as a fief to Kryss, Julian, and Shael, although it was largely titular due to its lack of inhabitants. Griswold was the sole remaining inhabitant for a year or so, keeping an eye on things for the lords.

Now, Ossington is a small but robust village. The Lords of Dragonfire Dyrr often allow those who do not fit in regular society to retreat here, away from prying eyes and wagging tongues. The witch Leah balances the varying needs of the community, from the religious druidic circle to the economic concerns of Dragonfire.

During The Standing Stone:
NE Village
Corruption +3; Crime -7; Economy -5; Law +0; Lore +0; Society -5
Qualities Hunted, Impoverished, Insular, Superstitious
Danger +20

Government Overlord
Population: 74
Notable NPCs
Adria Wen – potion brewer and keeper of old shrine
Dyson Cain – sage
Gillian Tully – barmaid turned fighter
Farnham – old farmer
Griswold – smith
Leah – Farnham’s daughter
Ogden – traveling poet
Pepin – priest of Tal


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