Kryss's Establishment (Stronghold)

{Whitewood Estates}

Stronghold Type: Establishment
Stronghold Level (SLv): 1
Building Type: Noble Estate with Manor
Rooms: Bank (Hoard) 2 bp, smithy (Urr) 0 bp, Library (smithing apprentice program) 0 bp, Tavern 1 bp, lighthouse (beacon) 1 bp
Building Cost: 35,000 gp
Stronghold Investment: tbd
Unskilled Hirelings 15/15
Skilled Hirelings 3/3
Upkeep Cost 270 gp per month
Revenue 1,165 gp per month; 5% ROI on liquid- Bank


Just before a traveler arrives to Blasingdell from Alstead along Miles Highway stands the stately Whitewood Manor. While Kryss claims over a thousand acres outside the small town, he chose a quaint, tree shaded spot near where the road crosses the river to call home.

Surrounded by a stout 25 ft wall, with 50 foot towers, Whitewood Estates appears to be more of a lush garden than a school. The massive oak gates stand open, and the base to Whitewood Tower, a spire that stretches impossibly into the sky above the small community, with a lighted beacon at the top, sits prominently in the foreground as one enters. To the left are well appointed stables with friendly and well trained hands ready to serve. To the right a sits a large, yet inviting-looking inn. The signboard dubs it The Notched Hammer.

Further exploration beyond the inn finds a large barracks building, multiple fighting pits, and a series of large forges. Members of Lord Kryss’ personal guard patrol well- worn paths, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed onto the actual campus in order to protect trade secrets.

The Notched Hammer is unique in that most of the comfortable and affordably priced rooms lay below ground, easily accessible via the stone spiral staircase in the center of the inns common room. The upstairs floors consist of the innkeepers quarters and a “penthouse” for any visiting dignitaries that cannot stay in the main manor house.

The main common room consists of the public seating area surrounding a circular bartop that restricts access to the staircase and the kitchens beyond. More than 50 large, rough tables seating between 2 and 20 customers are scattered around the large room while pretty barmaids expertly deliver trays piled with food and drink. Several private booths line the walls offering the opportunity for private conversation and relics from adventures in the Blasingdell area hang from the high ceiling.

Behind the bar is Goldemar’s domain. Somehow the highly capable dwarf is able to take ever order, check in every guest, draw every ale, and still make time to listen to every story that passes through. Many of the regulars tease the innkeeper, claiming to have seen him in multiple places at once. Goldemar simply shrugs, he has little time for nonsense.

Unknown to all but a few key members of the Dragonfyre family,, the inn hides a secret. Deep below the earth, below the comfortable beds and roasting meats, lies the secret Dragonfyre Mint. The financial center of the entire Dragonfyre Universal Corporation, and by association a large portion of the northland’s economy, is meticulous tracked and secured in these secret vaults.

Stronghold Benefits

Intelligence Gathering

Operation Cost Check Range Uses Effect
Adventure Intel (100gp/ChL)+100gp per +1 bonus (Max SLv) 1d20+Proficiency & Bonus Provides a [SECRET] ie. trap, secret door, riddle, or treasure
Campaign Intel (100gp/ChL)+100gp per +1 bonus (Max SLv) 1d20+Proficiency & Bonus 4 hexes/SLv 1/season Actionable Campaign level intelligence
Favor (100gp/ChL)+100gp per +1 bonus (Max SLv) 1d20+Proficiency & Bonus 1/season Allows you to replicate [co-opt] the benefit of someone else’s stronghold.

Special Rooms

Hoard (Bank)

Stronghold Generated Followers (1d100 rolled every season, fighter list.)

Blacksmith (Urr the One Handed): can make a limited number of magic weapons and armor at a discounted price. Can make use of monster blood and hides in formula.
Centaur Ambassador Edeon. (Allows the option to recruit centaur mercenaries instead of humans.)
Battle Priest Retainer (name and CR TBD).
Barracks (Captain Edmund Horblack): increases experience level of troops (details TBD).

2 squads of troops followers: regular medium infantry, seasoned heavy archers
5 squads of mercenaries (green: medium infantry; regular: light archers, light cavalry, medium cavalry; seasoned: medium infantry).
Kryss’s follower troops cost 1,290 gp a month, and his mercenary troops cost 2,684 gp a month, for a total of 3,974 gp a month

Kryss's Establishment (Stronghold)

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