History of the Sisters of Flame

A book recovered in the Reality Wrinkle. It details the Fire Wardens, an order of priests, wizards and other individuals who hold to the tenets of fire.

Different ideals of thought expressed within the tome.
Atreia – fire lights the path to knowledge and understanding. Fire is light.
Bristia Tal – fire cauterizes wounds and renews courage. Fire is warmth.
Imix – the fire scorches, razes, flames to ash. Fire is burning.
Kossuth – the fire does not bargain or turn aside. It is mighty. Fire is power.
Ymeri – fear of the flame manipulates the weak. The flame is all consuming and devours everything in its path. Fire is hunger.

The Fire Wardens in general work to promote the advancement of the world through the advancement of flame. When they keep the balance with the other elemental wardens, this tends to be a progressive force. When they overpower the others, it tends to destroy.

The Sisters of Flame in particular were a sect within the Fire Wardens nearly seventy years old. Their chief tenet is bringing fire and light into the darkness that was left behind in the wake of the Artifice War.

History of the Sisters of Flame

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