Calendar of the Dark

During the Age of Darkness, there are several calendars in use at the time. Some of these are known, and others not.

Azlanti Temporal Codex (ATC) – This calendar begins with the founding of the empire of Azlant. Earthfall is said to occur in the year 19999. The campaign starting year would be 24899. This calendar would only be found in ancient ruins, as even the elves and dragons (and many of the gods!) alive during the time of its use are long dead.

19499 ATC – Ashardalon born.
38974 ATC – First Savage Tide
39399 ATC – Great Kingdom founded
39984 ATC – Milton Drac becomes Sea Lord of Sasserine.

Fall of Man (FoM) – This calendar measures time from Earthfall. The Kingdoms of Man are founded in year 100, and the campaign starting year is 4900. This calendar is only used by elven historians during the time of the Dark.

88 FoM – Khemet founded
107 FoM – Ur-Arkadia founded
133 FoM – Kamalot founded
195 FoM РNor̡urheim founded

Kamalot Reckoning (KR) – This calendar marks time from the founding of Kamalot. Earthfall occurred in the year -133, and the campaign starting year is 4767.

99 KR – King Arcturos dies.
624 KR – Gulthias institutes worship of Ashardalon
666 KR – Gulthias becomes a vampire
1137 KR – Events of the Saithnasmal.
1143 KR – Gulthias staked

Holy Calendar of Tal (HCT) – This calendar reckons time from the beginning of the Artificer’s War. The calendar does not concern itself with older history than that, and as such, no negative numbers are used. If they were, Earthfall would occur in the year -4750. The campaign starting year is 150.

HCT 151 – Battle of Storgard
HCT 156 – Pale Horse Mountain explored.

Calendar of the Dark

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