Book of Ras

A book recovered from the Reality Wrinkle. The Book of Ras is about a spellcaster who fueled his spells with his own lifeforce, rather than his spirit. It is unknown precisely how he did this. Detailed study of the book finds that parts of his methods were either placed elsewhere or removed from the book, what is known is this.

Ras was originally a miner. In a deep cave, he came across a tome or tablet of some form, that when read, placed him in contact with a powerful unnamed entity who was sealed away. In exchange for his sacrifice of lifeforce, the entity allowed him access to magical power. Ras went from being an unknown miner to an incredibly dangerous sorcerer of destructive power. For twenty years he traversed the world, bringing ruin and doom to any he chose.

The angel Bramam flew with his legions against Ras, striking him down. In the end, Ras used up the last of his life force to wipe the battlefield clean, blasting mountains into plains and causing tens of thousands of casualties, of which Bramam was the only survivor. What was left of Ras was a nephen, a creature possessed of pure magical energy. Before this new threat could manifest against humanity however, Bramam opened a portal into a realm of pure oblivion. He dragged the creature that was once Ras through, before closing it with both of them still inside.

From what Shael can put together, without contacting and presumably consigning one’s soul to the unnamed entity in the book, a highly inefficient version of Ras’s ritual follows. It seems likely that further study, or possibly certain material components, could reduce the amount of life spent. One must attune themselves to the Book of Ras in order to utilize the ritual.

Steep Sacrifice of Ras You can cast additional spells, but at great cost to your body. When you cast a spell, you can cast it with a lower level spell slot. This reduces your hit point maximum by 20 points per level of the spell, so if you used a 2nd level spell slot to cast a 3rd level spell, you would reduce your hit point maximum by 20 points, and if you used a 0 level spell slot to cast the same 3rd level spell, you would reduce your hit point maximum by 60 points. For every 10 hit points you lose with this spell, you reduce your maximum lifespan by 1d10 years. If you die while your hit point maximum is reduced in this manner, you rise as a forsaken. If you die from reducing your lifespan below your current age, you become a nephen. You may not use this power if doing so would reduce your hit point maximum below 0.

Book of Ras

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