Tag: Undead


  • Fallen

    !http://i.imgur.com/UmKh7ib.jpg?1! The Fallen were mages, who were turned into almost brainless monsters by their use of arcane magic. Fallen were especially common in [[Terisiare]] during the time of the [[Age of Darkness | Dark]]. During that time, …

  • Gulthias Sengir

    !http://i.imgur.com/Uk6YOcG.jpg?1! Gulthias Sengir was the vampiric lord of [[Sunless Citadel | Fort Twilight]], before its ruin. He was the lieutenant of a shadowy ancient dragon. The party met him through a mysterious window to the past.

  • Miraak

    !http://i.imgur.com/v6JYhMe.jpg?1! An undead dragon-priest the party met in the [[Sunless Citadel]]. He aided them in their battle against [[Belek]], but then demanded they depart and never return.

  • Slayer of Durgeddin

    The Slayer was the greatest orcish champion of centuries ago. He was placed in the tomb of [[Durgeddin | Durgeddin the Black]] to prevent anyone from returning the dwarf to life or giving him the honors he required to pass properly into the dwarven …

  • Alaegnus

    Alaegnus was the dwarven priest who fought along [[Durgeddin]] in his final stand against the orcs at the [[Glitterhame]]. He died and became an undead allip spirit.