Tag: Nobility


  • Bahamut

    Bahamut the Platinum Dragon is the King of all Good Dragons and a a unique creature who if legends tell aright - has existed from the first day that dragons appeared on Terra (or any other planet). Sages continue to debate the true nature of Bahamut. Is …

  • Baron Althon

    !http://i.imgur.com/2D2Sokk.jpg?1! Baron Althon is the ruler of [[Alsoor]] and its surrounding area. He is known to be an aficionado of dwarven culture, including their tobacco, ale and weaponry.

  • Baron Euphemes II

    !http://i.imgur.com/ELWuC4P.jpg! Baron Euphemes II has never a particularly popular leader, but generally regarded as wise, benevolent, and authoritarian. He has taxed trade heavily, preventing the merchants from gaining as much wealth and power as …

  • Lady Eriana

    The Lady Eriana is the youngest sister of [[Baron Euphemes II]], and unlike her brother, she is very popular. She is rumored to be the one who takes care of most of the tedious but necessary bureaucratic work for the [[Brindinford | barony]]. Lady …