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  • Bahamut

    Bahamut the Platinum Dragon is the King of all Good Dragons and a a unique creature who if legends tell aright has existed from the first day that dragons appeared on Terra (or any other planet). Sages continue to debate the true nature of

  • Durraakinin Bralshsh [Draconic]

    Durraakinin Bralshsh is a form of combat employed by dragons at the Moots. For eons the dragons at the Moot would settle their differences via trial by combat but as draconic population dwindled it was decided that fighting to the death was not

  • Wrack

    Wracks are very ancient dragons, to the point that even dragons only vaguely remember them.

    Long ago, only one creature could challenge us dragons for control of this world. When we were united under the rule of King Bahamut and Queen Tiamat

  • Mithrexa

    She is a time dragon that Kryss met. When he was trying to find out how much he owed her (7 mountains of platinum), she came to visit the Tower of Dydd in Ossington and then Shael met her too. After discussing the Neverwar, the conversation ended the

  • Lady Emily Whitewood of Dragonfyre

    Emily is the child of Dara and Kryss, born during the 5 year break while the newlyweds were on their journey.

    She was born in dire circumstances, almost 2 months early. The timing couldnt have been worse as Dara and Kryss were trapped on a

  • Karaglen

    Karaglen is a would-be crusader, an occasional joker, and an all-the-time flirt. Often taking the shape of a half-elf youth, she has a penchant for seeking out disputes between people and

  • Sallahtuwlishion

    When Sallahtuwlishion entered adulthood, she resisted putting aside her favorite nondraconic guise, that of a village innkeeper in the

  • Livezzenvivexious

    An unusually draconic silver dragon, Livezzenvivexious has little use for other forms. While he takes different shapes for short times, he does nearly all his fighting in dragon form-and Livezzenvivexious does a lot of fighting.

  • Aesthyrondalaurai

    Known far and wide as a master of lore and healing, Aesthyrondalaurai shares her insights with those who can find her. Legend has it that this old silver dragon always takes on a matronly

  • Argynvost

    Long ago, Argynvost was an ancient silver dragon who first came to the valley of Gulvania in the guise of a nobleman. He had heard of a temple, a repository of evil power guarded by the

  • Imperagon

    Warlord Imperagon is an infernal warlord said to have been gaining popularity among Hells lower classes for a number of years, and more recently reported to be active on the Mortal Coil.

  • Yunshenunomei

    A large atrium ringed with exquisite statuary, a cascading fountain in the center, is the entry to the juvenile gold Yunshenunomeis lair, and the rest of the mountaintop lair is no less