Dragonfire Dyrr


Dragonfire Dyrr

LG Small Town
Corruption +1; Crime -1; Economy +2; Law +1; Lore -2; Society -1
Qualities Defensible
Danger -5


Government Colonial
Population: 743/1000
Notable NPCs
Dara Whitewood – Seneschal, Kryss’s betrothed
Grendar Kuln – Reeve
Jacques – Foreman of the Timbermen
Æthalward – Commander of the Guard
Farstrider – Warden, ranger commander
Mudrott – Marshwiggle scout commander
Dodinas – Cook & Fisherman

Travel Times
Almaaz – 5.5 days
Alsoor – 3.5 days (river, currently not available)
Blasingdell – 11 days
Oakhurst – 5.5 days
Ossington – 4 days

Other NPCs
3 Scouts
3 Spies
3 Bandits
6 Elite Guards
1 Aristocrat
3 Experts (Fletcher, Architect/Surveyor, Smith)
12 Lumberjacks
7 commoners

Housing – (1) The rustic tenements that the lumbermen used for housing before the Lords arrival were quickly replaced by solid homes. Though many of them are still empty, a new one goes up almost every week.
Manor – Currently the largest structure in the colony, Dragonfire Manor houses the Lords as well as Dara, Grendar, and Dodinas and their staff.
Mill – The first of the waterfront improvements, the mill in Dragonfire was built ready to be linked into the future dock.
Shrine – Though led by aspirants of Tal and Serra, this sacred grove is a shrine to nature and it’s priority indicates the Lords’ dedication to be good stewards of this land.

Dragonfire Dyrr

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